Month: February 2020

Can You Use Dual N-Back to Improve Your Fluid Intelligence?

Fluid intelligence is the ability to solve new types of problems. It is responsible for skills like comprehension, learning and of course problem-solving. Normally, it peaks in our 20’s, and gradually declines after that1)Fluid and crystallized intelligence. But what if you can use Dual N-Back training to improve your fluid intelligence? Do We Have More…

Easy Biohacks – Can Power Poses Boost Your Confidence?

Can power poses boost your confidence? The idea behind such poses is simple: you can hack your brain and make it think and feel you are powerful by adopting a physical position of power. The “normal” cycle is that you first feel powerful and that influences your body language, ending up in a power pose….

Biohack Your Mood with Laughter

Laughter is a very powerful, and yet free and easy way to biohack your mood.  It is an amazingly efficient method to deal with stress. All you need to do is laugh, so you can start right now! Have you ever heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine”? Old sayings are usually true, and…