Is Bone Broth Good for You?

Collagen has been a buzz word lately. More and more health-conscious individuals, athletes, or people with chronic diseases (like Lyme or Leaking gut) are talking about getting collagen supplements or drinking bone broth on a regular basis. There are lots of studies regarding collagen supplements, as this is a growing market and many companies fund … [Read more…]

What Is a Dream Journal and How to Start One?

Dream Catcher

Everybody knows what a journal is, but what is a dream journal? As the name suggests, it is a journal where you record your dream experiences. It can include simple recollections of your dreams, but also personal reflections and thoughts about those dreams, drawings, and details about your sleep. Keeping a dream journal is the … [Read more…]

How to Combat Stress with Box Breathing

Do you want to learn how to combat stress with box breathing? Box breathing is a quick and easy way to relieve stress and improve concentration, and you can do it practically anywhere. It is used by lots of high performing individuals or people with stressful jobs, from athletes, public speakers, or police officers to … [Read more…]