1. Thank you for this information. I was unaware of how the circadian rhythm effected hormones and body functions.
    I am a bad one for sleep-ins on the weekends and definitely need to cut back on my coffee intake. It is 10pm and I have a full cup beside me and I have had 2 more since dinner. I come from a long line of coffee drinkers and luckily it doesn’t seem to affect my sleep, however I do get the occasional heart race. Probably not good.
    This information has helped me realize I need to value my sleep pattern more than my actual sleep. Thank you.

    • Hi Pamela,

      Really glad you like the post.
      Regarding your relation to caffeine, there can be 2 reasons:
      1. you developed caffeine tolerance
      2. you are hyposensitive to caffeine (about 10% of the population belong to this category)

      If you developed caffeine tolerance, you can reset it but this can take 2 weeks or 2 months, depending on the amounts you consume daily.

      Thank you,

  2. Very interesting and well researched article on sleep. Your point about having electronics in the bedroom during sleep is one I have to look into. I have my laptop in my bedroom, and have for years. I sleep fairly well, and my overall health is good. I just wonder if it would be even better if I removed the electronics.
    Thanks for some great info. Tom

    • Thank you for the kind words Tom!
      If you could move the laptop to another room, I think it will help both your productivity and sleep. The brain learns to associate locations with habits, so if you can dedicate the bedroom for sleeping alone and another corner of the house for work, the brain will have a much easier time getting into the right state.


  3. I have never had someone really speak to me about my body’s internal clock and now that I am becoming older I am going to sleep and waking up at the same time even on weekends and I can tell a very positive change in my energy levels overall.

    My exposure to light from the computer and my cell phone really causes me the most problems when it comes to my sleep… I am so so guilty of this and find it very hard to do something about it.

    I am also guilty of not using the bedroom appropriately as I spent the majority of my time at home in bed relaxing and watching TV rather than using my living room.

    Such great points and areas to be aware of, thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you Kay!
      Ups, having a TV in the bedroom is definitely the first thing you would need to change if you want to improve your sleep. Maybe try to get a very comfy sofa or chair in the living room would help make the switch.
      I really hope this will help you make a change, even the smallest one, as once you start to see benefits you will have the motivation to continue.


  4. Hello Alex,
    It’s funny that I happened upon this page because I work 3rd shift and have been out on short-term disability for 8 weeks now from surgery.
    I start back to work tonight and my system will have to readjust all over again!
    I really appreciate this helpful information. I normally drink a lot of coffee, but I know this is one habit I can work on. Too much caffeine is bad for everyone, especially when it comes to getting a good quality of sleep.
    I like the way you show a break down for how much sleep we need based on age.
    I appreciate you sharing this and will bookmark it for later reference.
    Wish me luck sleeping during the day again!
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Devara,
      Sorry to hear you went through surgery, but I’m glad you are already recovered. wish you all eh best!
      Night work can be damaging to you. I’ve been there, worked shifts and after that, I worked until late in the night for quite a few years. If you can, please try to change your job and your body will be very thankful.
      Regarding your day-sleep, shades are your best friend. If you don’t have any installed, please consider doing that. They will make a huge difference, as your bedroom will be pitch-dark even during the day.

      Best wishes,

  5. Thank you for the interesting information. Now I know way I can’t sleep, it’s my coffee at night. I don’t get 7-9 hours sleep, I sleep about 5 to 6 hour per night and feel tired all the time. Thank you for the info, I appreciate a lot.

    • I’m glad you found this useful Sue! I really hope you will try to apply at least something from the list, and you will certainly feel a huge difference.

  6. Thank you for sharing all this great information. I have trouble sleeping a few times a week so I am very excited to use these suggestions to see if it helps!

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