1. Wonderful post Alex. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to increase my gratitude for the things I have in recent years because I’ve realized how important it is. Once you begin to feel grateful for what you already have, your life begins to change and you can bring a lot more into your life. Like you, a gratitude journal is one of my favorite ways to practice it. I just take a notebook out and write down everything I’m grateful for. It’s amazing how quickly it will turn a bad day around. Thanks for writing this.

  2. Figuring out where the goodness comes from is such an awesome way to put it. The idea of thinking of something your grateful for at the end of the day is great but going even deeper to figure out why and how that thing made you happy is a great tip! Thank you.
    Do you find that a gratitude journal can be helpful for people?

    • Hi Molly!
      Yes it definitely helps a lot. Focusing to identify the things you are grateful for in order to write them down), puts you in a state of gratitude. You get even deeper in that state while writing, so actively thinking about it.

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