1. This is a really interesting post – thank you so much for sharing. What you mention about the causes of oxygen deficiency really struck a chord with me. I am asthmatic and whenever I have found myself having an attack without an inhaler, I sit down and control my breathing rate by breathing through my nose. After 5 minutes I can see an improvement and usually by 10-20 minutes I am recovered. It this because I have been breathing through my nose? I have also been told that asthma is closely related to panic attacks. Is there anything else I can do whan I find myself in these situations?

    • Hi Catherine! The Buteyko breathing method was actually developed for asthma patients. if you follow the instructions and do the exercises on a daily basis you should feel a significant improvement.
      Focusing on breathing through the nose, from the diaphragm, not from the rib cage, and as calm as possible is the way to go. Both asthma and panic attacks are related to hyperventilation, so controlling the breathing will have a significant impact.
      If you want to read more about asthma specific indications, please check out this link: https://buteykoclinic.com/asthma

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