1. I have always avoided saunas. I found them too hot. Coming from a hot and humid country like Singapore, you can see why I found no reason to experience more heat, especially in a room.

    But now, after reading your article, I understand the health benefits of enjoying a sauna session. I never knew all that. Because of your article, I will try the sauna soon.

    Thank you so much for the useful and helpful information.

    • Really glad you are willing to try it out – I would love to hear how it went!
      To be honest I hated saunas (or at least was doing my best to avoid them for no particular reason) for some reason until 5-6 years ago. It was after a long skiing day that I went to the sauna with some friends. It made me feel so much better, that I knew I have to try it after gym workouts or swimming.
      It was, later on, I started reading about its effects.


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