1. Hello! Thank you for sharing such an informative article. I like your post because you help me so much. My wife asks me what is Matcha tea recently and what is the benefit of that. Importantly, I don’t drink tea and I don’t know about that. It wastes me a ton of time to search and learn about that.

    Fortunately, I landed your post. You list down 7 benefits in a good organization. I can read and learn faster. Importantly, you provide me a related product at the end of the post so I don’t need to spend more time to search it separately online.

    I believe my wife should be interested in your post too because she’s a tea lover. I believe it can save her a lot of time and I will also share this post with my friends.

    I will bookmark your site and read it regularly. I hope you can keep sharing with us because what you write is man saver.

    I just have one question. If I drink too much Matcha tea, will I have any side effects?

    • Thank you for the kind words CT! I’m so glad you found this information helpful.
      As with any substance, even if it does wonders in moderate usage, abusing it will not be beneficial for you. The main reason would be the caffeine content. One cup matcha contains about half the caffeine in a coffee, so you can safely drink more matcha than coffee. Beware about combining matcha and coffee though 🙂
      I would also not recommend drinking matcha (nor coffee or green tea) after 3 pm, as it will affect your sleep.

  2. Hey,

    This is an interesting article. I never knew this type of teas. I am in love with green tea with mint. However, I always love to try new kinds of teas. Teas are good for pleasure and medicine for many things! Matcha tea seems promising for me; it sounds like green tea for sure with more benefits!

    However, I find you way of preparing the tea different than mine, is this way only for Matcha Tea? because for the green tea, I add the hot water with the tea powder and I move and whisk it together slowly then I put something on top and let it rest for 5 minutes. They say the secret is within the steam. What do you think about this?

    Also, you mentioned that there are three types of Matcha tea, Ceremonial Grade, Standard Grade, Cooking Grade. I am not sure I understood this, but if I search for either I will find them with the same names?

    Thank you again for this rich post, I will make sure to try Matcha tea and give you my feedback about my experience!!

    • I’m glad you found something new from this article, Mohammad! If you like green tea, I’m sure you’ll love matcha.
      Yes, this method is for matcha. For green tea, I use dried leaves, and the process is like this: I put a few leaves in a bowl, I pour hot water over and initially, I wait for about 30-40 seconds. The first brew is a bit longer because the leaves are so dry. On the subsequent brews, 20-25 seconds are enough. If you like green tea, I strongly suggest ditching the tea-bags/powder types and get some good quality dried leaves. But first, you have to try matcha!
      The three types are just a way to indicate the quality, so you will find all or two grades from the same brand. For example, the first crop, processed at the highest standard will be labeled as ceremonial grade. The following crops from the same plant will most likely be lowered grades. For cooking grade, less time will be spent with the grinding for example. For drinking, you should try to get ceremonial grade for the best experience, or standard grade for a budget-friendly drink. Remember this is more a marketing thing, and you will only care for ti at the beginning until you learn to identify a good powder and also find a few brands you like.

      Best regards,

  3. Quite interesting but I am getting bored of all these teas!

    I suffer from low energy and fatigue all the time, coupled with epilepsy means I have some pretty rough days.

    I have tried every tea from the supermarket that claims to boost brain function and improve alertness.

    I also take vitamins for my issues, B in particular since I have a vit B absorption problem.

    I have never heard of matcha and I would like to give it a go, if indeed it does what it says on the tin.

    Could you provide a link where I can get it?

    Also, do you use it regularly and can you verify the claims?

    Excellent article with some great information, thanks, Alex.

    If it tastes like green tea though, I will likely give it a miss.


    • Thank you for joining the conversation, Michael!
      I agree teas are not for all. I personally love to drink tea, especially green tea. If you do not like green tea, I’m afraid you won’t like matcha either. It is usually more bitter and as a much stronger flavour.
      I do drink it daily and I feel more energized after drinking it. Most of the benefits come from long term though usage and are difficult to isolate and attribute. I did experience a significant immune system function improvement, but starting to drink matcha was not the only thing I added to my routines.
      In general, I believe biohacking is about summing up all the bits and pieces you can add, change or improve about your lifestyle, habits and environment, and not about one single thing you do and obtain results.

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